Welcome to the Mosby Heritage Area and the Mosby Heritage Area Association.

The Association was founded in 1995 as a historic preservation organization in response to a threat of development of a large tract of land near the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Since that time, we have grown into one of the region’s strongest voices for preservation of our unique history.



MHAA’s mission is to educate and advocate for the preservation of the extraordinary historic landscape and culture of the Mosby Heritage Area for future generations. 

The Area includes all or parts of five counties in the northern Virginia Piedmont and lower Shenandoah Valley: Loudoun, Fauquier, Clarke, Prince William, and Warren Counties.



By telling our stories, we hope to inspire people to care for and protect our outstanding historical resources.

We have been telling our stories in local schools to children and in public programming for adults since 2005.   Last year was a banner year for MHAA as we reached 5,113 children in thirty-three schools and 1,626 adults through our public programs.  



We tell the stories of all eras and people who lived here.  Our programs include presentations on the Native American Piscataway, the Revolutionary War, second son Tidewater Planters, the Early Republic, Quaker and German settlers, the Civil War, enslaved and free African Americans, and the Twentieth Century. 

The Mosby Heritage Area has a diverse and rich history.  Our nineteenth-century landscape is one the of best preserved in the nation.  The well-preserved houses, stone walls, churches, barns, mills, and rural roadways are essential to understanding how people worked, lived, and connected with each other.

We hope you will support our mission and enjoy exploring the 1,800 square miles of this living museum. 

Top banner image: Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge, Warren County.