MHAA Education Program Survey

Thank you for participating in MHAA’s education programs. We value your feedback and input to ensure our programs continue to be relevant to your students and their studies.

1. This program tells a fair and balanced story of local history.
2. This program was relevant to what the students have learned or will learn in class and enhance their classroom learning experience, making it a valuable addition to the school year.
3. The speaker provoked students' interest in local history stories, such as the local experience during the American Revolution, the American Civil War, or the Underground Railroad.
4. This program built students' enthusiasm and interest for looking further into their local history.
5. This program introduced to students the awareness that stewardship is needed to preserve the stories and historic landscapes that tell the history of this region and that students can play a role in that process.
6. Please rate our scavenger hunts that each student received.