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Women at War: The Fauquier County Homefront

  • Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County 4243 Loudoun Avenue The Plains, VA 20198 (map)

For four long years Fauquier County lay in the path of vast armies as they moved through northern Virginia. For those on the home front everyday existence could be a challenge as they faced shortages of all kinds as well as the ever present threat of theft and property destruction at the hands of soldiers from both armies. The upheaval of war, however, also brought with it the prospect of freedom and new beginnings for the enslaved community. By 1865 Fauquier County had been stripped bare and the social order upended.

Join MHAA as we welcome historians Alison Herring and Madeleine Forrest Ramsey to take a detailed look at Fauquier County during the Civil War. Learn how the war affected  civilians - both black and white - through the writings of those who lived through this tumultuous time. The program will begin at the Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County, located at 4243 Loudoun Ave, The Plains, VA 20198.

Following the talks there will be a reception at nearby Avenel Farm. Built ca. 1842, Avenel was the wartime home of the prominent Beverley  family. The home often played host to prominent officers during the war, including Robert E. Lee. Avenel is located at 5722 John Marshall Highway, The Plains, VA 20198. 

Tickets are $30 for MHAA Members and $40 for non-members. To purchase tickets call (540) 687-5578 or click the link below.

Women at War: The Fauquier County Homefront
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