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The Life and Legacy of John Marshall: The Great Chief Justice

  • Llangollen 21515 Trappe Road Upperville, VA 20184 (map)

No American legal mind has had a greater impact on our judicial system than John Marshall. The Fauquier County native served as Chief Justice for more than 30 years, shaping the very nature of the Supreme Court and its role in government. To commemorate the bicentennial of the landmark case McCulloch v. Maryland, the Mosby Heritage Area Association is hosting a number of events throughout 2019 to celebrate John Marshall’s life and legacy.

John Marshall was born in 1755 in a small log cabin near modern day Midland, Virginia. As a young man he served in the Continental Army through many battles and the winter at Valley Forge. He returned to Virginia to study law at the College of William and Mary. Following the Revolution, he represented Fauquier County in the Virginia Assembly and served in the US House of Representatives and as Secretary of State. His most important legacy, however, was in his role as the forth Chief Justice of the United States. Appointed in 1801 by John Adams, Marshall spent over three decades in the court, where he shaped the power of the Judiciary branch. Many of the best known and far reaching cases in American history were products of the Marshall court. Marbury v. Madison established the precedent of judicial review, while McCulloch v. Maryland introduced the concept of Congress holding implied powers not expressly presented in the Constitution. These decisions remain central to the Supreme Court and continue to influence law to this day.

As part of our celebration MHAA has invited scholars to present on every aspect of the Great Justice’s life and career, from his legal legacy to his personal life and business connections. The symposium will be held at historic Llangollen, located on property once owned by the Marshall Family.


Speakers Include:

Candace Gray, Morgan State University: The Cohen Brothers Gamble on Chief Justice Marshall:   Cohens v Virginia, 1821

Jennifer Hurst-Wender, Preservation Virginia: John Marshall at Home

Ben Lenhart, Georgetown University: John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, and the Founding of the American Republic

Kevin Walsh, The John Marshall Foundation: John Marshall, McCulloch v. Maryland, and the Nature of Our Union.


Tickets are $90 for MHAA Members and $110 for non-Members. To purchase tickets click the button below or call (540) 687-5578


Llangollen Farm, site of the symposium, stands near Upperville on land once owned by John Marshall