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It Happened Near Me

IT HAPPENED NEAR ME:  Pieces of the Past From Where I Live

Want to work some local history examples into your U.S. History class so students see how their local area connects to what they are studying? Need to have your students work more with primary sources and photographs to develop their analysis skills? Need “sponge activities” for your students those first 10 minutes of class while you take attendance, hand out papers, and talk with individual students?

Civil War graffiti, United Methodist Church, Unison,   Loudoun County

Civil War graffiti, United Methodist Church, Unison, Loudoun County

Look through the “It Happened Near Me” documents below—each comes complete with document background tying it to your curriculum and with several local illustrative photographs and prints. Plus there are questions to get students to make sense of the document and the time from which it came. You have a “bell-ringer” activity, and they have meat for a discussion at some point during class! Have students work on the questions in pairs. Look for more documents to be added to this site over time. Click on the photo captions to open the documents.

Photograph top: Along the Potomac River at McKimmey's Landing opposite the Point of Rocks, Loudoun County.