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Meet John Singleton Mosby

Col. John S. Mosby

Col. John S. Mosby

Who Was Mosby?

John S. Mosby, a lawyer, husband and father, Civil War guerilla and scout, and United Statesman is one of the best known personages of the five county Heritage Area that is his namesake. Learn more.

A Chronology of Mosby's Life

Born: December 6, 1833 at his maternal grandfather’s home, Edgemont, in Powhatan County, Virginia.  He was raised in Nelson and then Albemarle counties, Virginia, but little else is known of his childhood other than that he was a frail, sickly child. Learn more.

Mosby, 1910 in Washington, D.C.

Mosby, 1910 in Washington, D.C.

Mosby's Rangers

John Mosby started with nine cavalrymen from the Confederate Cavalry command of J.E.B. Stuart on detached duty in Loudoun and Fauquier counties in early January 1863.  Stuart supplied several more cavalrymen two weeks later. Learn more.

Mosby After the War

John S. Mosby lived to be 82 years old. After the war, Mosby felt that the South’s fortunes lay in peace, prosperity, and a diversified economy. Learn more.


Photograph, top: Goose Creek Bridge, built between 1803 and 1810, saw a bloody Civil War skirmish on Sunday, June 21, 1863, as part of the cavalry battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville. It served as a highway bridge until 1957.