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Who Are We?

The members and board of the Mosby Heritage Area Association come from all walks of life.  Some are history buffs—certainly, Civil War buffs abound.  Others love the land and want this scenic, agricultural, small town historical resource preserved.  There are estate owners and small business people, teachers and students, suburban dwellers and those who prize rural living.  They share one thing in common:  they understand that the historical and scenic resources of the Mosby Heritage Area have been and will continue to be preserved only through the combined efforts and stewardship of caring people. 

MHAA Chairman Steve Price

MHAA Chairman Steve Price

These are people who care not just about now, but about their children’s and grandchildren’s future as well.  Their talent, caring, patience and resolve will make this heritage area what it should be—a combination of historical and scenic resources in Fauquier, Loudoun, Clarke, Warrren, and western Prince William counties combined with human energy put to work joyfully to preserve them for future generations.


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